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Learn from John and Jane

John and his wife Jane are the joint owners of an annuity contract from MassMutual Ascend Life Insurance Company. They have named their two children, Joe and Karen, as beneficiaries on the contract with the intent to leave behind a lasting financial legacy. John and Jane have worked hard to build a nest egg that will not only provide for their retirement, but also allow them to leave an inheritance. John and Jane want to protect this inheritance and strategically manage how it is distributed.

With their annuity, John and Jane can take a step in this direction by controlling how their children receive their financial legacy.

A tale of two siblings

As John and Jane speak to their financial professional about legacy planning, they realize their two children are in different stages of life. They also recognize they have some concerns about the possibility of leaving them an inheritance.



The solution

Together with their financial professional, John and Jane decided Joe will receive restricted payouts each month for 10 years. They allow Karen to choose between recurring payments or a lump sum payout, granting her the flexibility to minimize any potential tax burden.


Speak with your financial professional to learn more about controlling your legacy with an annuity from MassMutual Ascend.


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