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If you are a non-spousal beneficiary, you have the option to put the money you inherited into an inherited annuity from MassMutual Ascend! Inherited annuities may provide a way for you to spread out your tax liability, while allowing your inheritance to continue growing.

What are the benefits of an inherited annuity contract?

Continue the annuity’s growth

By placing the death benefit into an inherited contract, your assets may continue to grow tax deferred, which can provide a significant boost to your inheritance over time.

Spread income tax impact over time

Taking your death benefit as a lump sum payment could leave you with a significant tax burden. By opening an inherited contract, your money will not be taxed until you take a distribution.

You can designate your own beneficiaries

One day you can pass your loved one’s generosity on to your heirs.

Other important factors

Timing is important

In many cases, the IRS requires the first payment from an inherited IRA to be made by December 31 of the calendar year following the owner’s death. Similarly, the first payment from an inherited non-qualified contract must be made by the first anniversary of the owner’s death.

Understand your options

If the death benefit amount is paid directly to you, an inherited contract will no longer be an option. If you decide to open an inherited contract, the death benefit amount will need to stay at MassMutual Ascend or be transferred directly to another insurance carrier. 

Consider annual payment and final distribution requirements

In many cases, the IRS requires you to withdraw a minimum amount each year, known as a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) for an inherited IRA or a 72(s) Payment for an inherited non-qualified contract. In some cases, the entire remaining balance of the inherited IRA must be distributed by December 31st of the calendar year containing the tenth anniversary of the owner’s death.

Seek advice from a professional

Your decision could have tax or other consequences that you may not have considered. To help avoid surprises, we recommend talking with a tax advisor or a financial professional before you make a decision. 

If you’re interested in an inherited annuity contract, please work with your financial professional. If you have questions, or need help finding a financial professional, please call us at 800-854-3649.

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