Information Regarding PBI Incident Involving MassMutual Ascend Customer Data

Last updated: August 30, 2023

Impacted individuals have begun receiving letters that provide official notice of this incident. These letters feature the name and logo of PBI, the vendor who was directly affected by the incident. As explained below, MassMutual Ascend has worked with PBI to ensure that impacted individuals receive credit monitoring and identity restoration services for two years free of charge. Please refer to the letter for instructions on how to enroll in these services and call 866-676-3191 if you have questions about enrolling in these services.

At MassMutual Ascend, we value our customers and relationships.  Cybersecurity and the protection of customer data are very important to us.


MassMutual Ascend was notified by one of its third-party vendors, Pension Benefit Information, LLC (known as PBI), that MassMutual Ascend’s customer data in PBI’s possession was subject to unauthorized access in connection with a broader security incident involving the MOVEit file transfer application. Specifically, the PBI incident affected personal information about customers of MassMutual Ascend and its subsidiaries, Annuity Investors Life and Manhattan National Life.


MassMutual Ascend’s own environment was not affected, and there has been no material interruption to business operations.


In light of this incident, and given the evolving cyber threat landscape, we urge all MassMutual Ascend customers to be vigilant and review your accounts for any suspicious activity.


Below are frequently asked questions related to this event that may be useful to you.