Registered index-linked annuities

Registered index-linked annuities are designed to help you take advantage of some market growth, while providing a level of protection from market loss.

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How do registered index-linked annuities work?

You may be asking yourself, “what is a registered index-linked annuity?” A registered index-linked annuity can bring balance to your portfolio by allowing participation in market-linked growth, while reducing exposure to market loss—helping to take your financial future above and beyond.

What are the advantages?

Reduced risk exposure

When the market experiences downturns, a registered index-linked annuity reduces your loss potential, keeping your money partially protected.

Competitive growth opportunity

With a registered index-linked annuity, you can take advantage of market-linked growth without the risk that comes with investing directly in the market.

Tax-deferred growth

Your registered index-linked annuity may grow at a faster rate, because you don’t pay taxes on the returns your annuity earns until you start receiving payments or take a withdrawal.

Guaranteed income

When you’re ready to turn your registered index-linked annuity into guaranteed income, you can select from a variety of options, including payments that will last for the rest of your life.

Take your financial future above and beyond

If you want to grow your money based on market performance, and you’re willing to take on some risk for competitive earning potential, a registered index-linked annuity may be the right choice. If you're interested in other benefits, we also offer immediate, fixed and fixed-indexed annuities.

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